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Twisco chocolate drink powder’s innovative sampling drive in Nigeria

Twisco has embarked on innovative means to drive further penetration creatively through unconventional sampling techniques. One of these is the Dairy Large Retail Pack Sampling. This is an initiative in which a free sachet of Twisco is attached to each 320g pack of Miksi, Cowbell and Loya milk brands. Given the penetration and footprint of these brands across Nigeria, they provide a strong means to further carry the Twisco brand into Nigerian homes and hearts.

Over 1.5 million consumers will be reached through this on-pack sampling, as the products will be rolled out in the month of September. Leveraging the power of category adjacency, consumers will be able to associate with the Twisco brand. 

The second initiative involves using another highly penetrated and sought-after product – the Top Tea Box Pack. The modality for this is to have one free sachet per box pack of Top Tea.  The initiative, which started in August 2021, is to deliver one million free samples of Twisco 25g to consumers who purchase these box packs. The sampling will continue into the Northern part of Nigeria.