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Promasidor Nigeria launches the 2015 NASSMAC

Promasidor Nigeria, on Feb 3th 2015, flagged off the 2015 edition of the Cowbell National Secondary Schools Mathematics Competition (NASSMAC).

Addressing the press at the official flag-off ceremony held at the Promasidor Head office in Lagos, Managing Director, Promasidor Nigeria, Mr Olivier Thiry, said that Promasidor is pleased that Cowbell NASSMAC has continued to inspire brilliance in students.

“Nigeria will require engineers and scientists, so mathematics will continue to be important, because all the sciences are based on this. It is our hope that Cowbell NASSMAC will encourage the study of mathematics in secondary schools and help build the confidence of our youths in embracing the subject.” Mr Thiry also added that NASSMAC 2015 promises to be exciting, as a new twist, which includes a quiz segment and wonderful new prizes for both students and teachers, has been added to the competition.

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