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Promasidor Nigeria unveils Onga Curry

Onga made its first foray into the herbs and spices segment with the launch of Onga Curry in June 2021 in Nigeria.

Across Nigeria, Curry is a well-known powdered spice blend made up of a mix of sweet & savoury dried herbs & spices. Its core mix is usually made of turmeric (a great anti-inflammatory spice), coriander and cumin. Other common ingredients include red/black pepper, ginger, clove, bay leaf, and fenugreek.

Typically, Curry is used in Nigeria for a variety of purposes such as seasoning meat, fish and poultry dishes. Other uses of Curry could be in stir-fries, stews, pepper sauces and rice dishes such as Jollof rice and fried rice. Onga Curry was formulated from these natural ingredients to give a unique flavour and aroma to meals. It comes in a premium transparent packaging with a green zig zag to showcase its natural composition.

Since launch, a number of ATL and BTL activities are being deployed to introduce the new product to both consumers and the trade. One of such is the ongoing Curry roadshow, happening in 64 core seasoning markets pan Nigeria. This will also be supported by other consumer-led activities on digital platforms. Follow @Onga_Nigeria on Instagram, @OngaNigeria on Twitter and Onga Nigeria on Facebook to stay up to date on the launch activities.