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Promasidor Nigeria Organises Health Week for Staff

From 21-25 June 2021, Promasidor Nigeria held its annual Health Week for all staff at the head office in Isolo, Lagos. 

During the event, which was organised in batches, representatives from the International Health Management Service Limited (IHMS) and Hygeia HMO and Hephzibah Eye Clinic made essential presentations on health to all participants. In addition to giving the health talk, routine medical check-ups, such as measuring blood pressure, weight and height in determining the appropriate Body Mass Index (BMI) of staff, and eye checks were also conducted.

Health week incorporates many aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including looking after our emotional and mental health, as well as our physical health and healthy eating.

The exercise, amongst other reasons, is to help staff evaluation and goal setting, encourage a visit to a doctor, discuss appropriate weight, remove the stigma around mental health, encourage eating well, promote daily exercise and take a time out.

The Health Week was a success and the attendance was remarkable, as every staff member was more than willing to attend and have their health checked.