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Promasidor Nigeria commits to Waste Recycling in its environment

Recycling is one of the initiatives that help ensure that we have a sustainable environment. It's in light of this that Promasidor Nigeria is driving awareness about recycling on its premises.

The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Bruno Gruwez, reiterated the concept of recycling in the Promasidor business when he received representatives of the Food and Beverage Recycling Alliance (FBRA) early last year in his office. He has since requested that blue boxes (recycling bins) are placed around our offices and he enjoins everyone to segregate waste always.

Dedicated waste bins for the collection of recyclable wastes have been placed around the premises and inside offices for use. The bins have ‘Recycle Stickers’ placed on them and they are used to collect plastic bottles and cans. These recyclable items are picked up randomly by government-approved recyclers for further processing.